Saturday, December 18, 2010

On Closing My PayPal Account

Ok, so PayPal decided that the American freedoms of press and speech were not as important to them as maintaining a positive relationship with the sinister U.S. Government. Uncle Sam was not very happy with WikiLeaks' exposé of massive corruption and dirty lies, and decided to call upon the powers-that-be to inflict some good old-fashioned censorship.

Many honest-working Americans, such as myself, recognized the incredible achievements that WikiLeaks was making in the fight for truth and government transparency, and wanted to help out. Americans, being of the most charitable nationality in the world, felt compelled to donate some of their savings to this noble cause.

Because of the security complications and fees involved with international point-of-sale or wire-transfer transactions, and for other various reasons, the US-based funds-transfer service PayPal was a popular choice for facilitating donations to the WikiLeaks non-profit organization. However, PayPal soon suspended the account of the WikiLeaks donation coordinator Wau Holland.

It later became known that PayPal did this due to pressure from various U.S. Government officials. Instead of honoring the wishes of their 'valued' account holders, PayPal chose to win brownie points from the very spooks WikiLeaks was exposing... Instead of championing free press and speech, PayPal sided with those in favor of lies and censorship. Shame, shame, shame...

One of my life principles is to always try to solve problems. I believe that every decision someone makes is either being a part of the problem or being a part of the solution. Now knowing that this PayPal company does not care at all about the efforts of organizations such as WikiLeaks, in solving the tragic problems of unnecessary wars, illegal torture, and other common government frauds, I can not, in good conscience, continue to utilize their services: To continue to do so would be to show, by my affiliation to PayPal, that I agree with their policy of truth suppression.

I have no real choice but to close my PayPal account, and distance myself from this cowardly organization.

During the account-closure process, PayPal requested feedback as to why I was leaving them. I tried to best describe my concerns, being concise but prudent.

My account-closure comment was:
I do not wish to do business with a company that is an enemy of the freedoms of press and speech.

WikiLeaks has made incredible achievements in the fight for truth and government transparency, and PayPal's choice to participate in the censorship of this non-profit journalistic organization, by inhibiting individuals from donating to a cause they believe in, is both unethical and unamerican.

Should PayPal reconsider this issue, and publicly acknowledge their bad decision, I will consider re-establishing my account.

While I certainly did not sugar-coat my concerns, I made it clear that I had not given up on them completely. While I am indeed boycotting PayPal, I do understand that people make mistakes, and I am willing to forgive those that show repentance. Should PayPal admit their mistakes, and once again allow their account holders to send money to whomever they wish, I would likely join them once again. Their services are, after all, rather useful and convenient.

However, as PayPal is still standing by their decision to distance themselves from WikiLeaks, I am standing by my decision to distance myself from PayPal. If more people would stand up for what they believe in, perhaps companies like PayPal would think twice before dictating what you can and can not spend your money on.

Bye for now...


  1. Good job on standing up for what you believe in, but in order for this to truly be effective, there needs to be more people who close their paypal account, so I urge all others reading this to do so too.

    Additionally, do you mind if I copy your account-closure comment?

  2. If anyone wants to use my wording for closing your accounts, go for it!