Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The IBM Lives Again

Ok, so I managed to smash 1,300 pounds of computers onto a heap in the middle of my office floor. While some may point fingers to my choice of stacking 61 desktop computers on a home-made table, I think we all can stop kidding ourselves and just admit that Microsoft Windows was the problem.

To prove this point, I located the worst casualty. This poor IBM NetVista was already under the table before the avalanche.

This machine was in sad shape:

My expert opinion was to immediately remove the Windows XP License stickers, and see if it would POST.

After the offending labels were located and properly removed, the machine returned to its working state.

This test just goes to show, even though the IBM is one tough machine, it is not beyond the power of Microsoft Windows to render it completely useless. Windows XP crashed 61 of my computers, but the second the XP sticker was removed, this big-blue-baby sprung back to life.

Long Live IBM!

IBM Computer Crash

I had a few computers (61) on a home-made feeble wooden table. Each had been meticulously cleaned, tested, and had all the “Property-of” stickers from the previous owner removed with a Terrorists' Choice™ brand box-cutter.

I had briefly debated removing also the Windows XP License stickers, but decided against it, as the odds of Microsoft ever again producing any usable OS was nearing 1000:1 against.

Every person I knew cautioned be against keeping the XP Licenses. They all, and I mean all of them, warned and warned and warned me that XP was unstable, and that the computers would crash.

I didn't listen.

Around 2am on October 14, 2009, I booted one of the machines, and, as Windows XP was considering loading, they all came crashing down.

What a mess.

I am absolutely convinced that this would not have happened had I been using Linux on these machines.