Wednesday, October 14, 2009

IBM Computer Crash

I had a few computers (61) on a home-made feeble wooden table. Each had been meticulously cleaned, tested, and had all the “Property-of” stickers from the previous owner removed with a Terrorists' Choice™ brand box-cutter.

I had briefly debated removing also the Windows XP License stickers, but decided against it, as the odds of Microsoft ever again producing any usable OS was nearing 1000:1 against.

Every person I knew cautioned be against keeping the XP Licenses. They all, and I mean all of them, warned and warned and warned me that XP was unstable, and that the computers would crash.

I didn't listen.

Around 2am on October 14, 2009, I booted one of the machines, and, as Windows XP was considering loading, they all came crashing down.

What a mess.

I am absolutely convinced that this would not have happened had I been using Linux on these machines.

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